Frozen (2013)


Frozen is a brilliant animation and like with every animated film nowadays there is something the designers and drawers have focused on to grand effect. CGI supervisors and other key animation wizards for films like Rapunzel with her hair or Finding Nemo with water, have utilised one sweeping look to stylise their film and in this case it’s snow and it looks amazing. It’s cold and white and chilly and serves as a crystallized backdrop to a story of sisterhood, identity and love.

The sister duo of Anna and Elsa is charming and sweet with an emotional start and separation to kickstart the story, it only soars from here in terms of fulfilling the depths of a story where the man/prince isn’t the hero but the princesses are heros to each other and that love is enough and that’s a nice idea if not a tad simple. Comedy comes nicely from a snowman crafted from Elsa’s childhood and his daft sidekick routine is oddball and funny, Sven and his loyal iceman Kristoff serve as handy guides and possibly more and then Hans who can be a coin with both sides. The film is firmly a family affair though with sisters doing it for themselves, Anna as happily being strong, awkward and motivated. Elsa who once she escapes the pressure revels in freedom, liberty and power, you just know the two together can be an unstoppable force.

The songs are scored, written and performed amazingly and are so darn catchy, it’s a film that has a clear stage sound and it’s no surprise Frozen is being turned into a Broadway show. The only problem is all the songs feel too crammed nearer the first half of the title and the troll number is one to forget.

Disney have done it again and created another powerful story with fun elements for generations to enjoy.



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