Forrest Gump (1994)


This film is a classic and after watching it again I thought why not add it to my blossoming review club.

Tom Hanks is brilliant as per usual, he gets his teeth into the role of the slow, charming, insanely likeable Forrest with ease, like with pretty much every other Hanks role you forget you’re watching someone act, Tom Hanks is Forrest Gump. No question.

Robert Zemeckis who directs this feature lets many years and places unfurl with beauty and delicacy and when juddering moments of war do break in; it just makes the whole Vietnam saga that much scarier. It’s a film that moves to separate locations and each new transition or activity in Gump’s life looks a little different in either the way it’s shot or edited, this breathes fantastic energy into the film and in that it’s still exciting and watchable 20 years later. Forrest likes to run, he likes Jenny and he likes talking and all his traits help narrate the film and through the many changing landscapes and ups and downs of Forrest’s life you get a sort of epic and yet grounded journey.

The ending, (spoilers if you haven’t watched it) is emotional and Forrest having his own mini woods if you like in the form of his son is incredibly joyous, I did feel close to tears seeing Gump letting little Forrest get on the school bus for the first time, like he had done a lifetime before. A neat little circular timeline and it’s one where you feel included the whole time, like the people on the bus bench sitting next to Forrest.

Gary Sinise is a great supporting cast member and he also has a B storyline of his journey from gruff army guy to lost and drunk to a more likeable accepting man, he’s a character of opposites to Gump and that’s why they bond. The character work is still amazing to watch and Hanks deserved his Oscar.

The film is simply put – beautiful and adventurous. Tom Hanks runs the film into the stratosphere and shows to good effect that to be great he never goes ‘full retard’.



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