3. Trance – A stunner of a film using hypnosis and art theft as it’s main story and with this psychological backdrop it’s only right that the nice cinematography, harsh editing and sometimes gritty and bloody actions take prominent place. James McAvoy plays the leading man well, not great just well but it’s a twisting turning character like with the plot. Rosario Dawson plays a strong female character even if she does have to get naked for it. Some of the shots, like a camera attached to McAvoy to really get into the head of his character work superbly. The ending is great and the idea is quite interesting, if you’re not into the idea of hypnosis as something believable then the film isn’t one to watch and yes the payoff of the twist could be seen coming if you know these sort of films well enough. Still a very convincing heist movie with a unique angle not seen before and one of Boyles better films. 


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