2. The World’s End – The third and final part of Wright/Frost/Pegg’s Cornetto Trilogy and in some ways the best, in comedic terms perhaps not as there aren’t as many laugh out loud moments but it’s the grandest affair of the three. The fight sequences are incredible and clearly Edgar Wright picked up some knowhow on his directing do for ‘Scott Pilgrim vs the World’. The robot-alien takeover idea has been done before but clearly this is where they riff on old films and cliches to make it funny. This film is clever in it’s foreshadowing, using the opening story of them as teenagers to play on what will and does happen later on, the pub names too play a part. It’s intelligent writing and uses a darker theme than the previous two which I liked as it gave the film a better theme and story. You sort of hate but love Gary King (Pegg) throughout. The characters all have moments of glory and it really shines as a superb comedy with interesting dramatic elements of letting go and growing up. The ending was probably the only part I didn’t like, the aftermath and conclusions felt perhaps a little too hinged on but apart from that this was a highlight of the film year.


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