1. Gravity – This a tense ride of a film with visuals that stun and take the breath away. It’s a cinema experience like no other and has captured space in a thrilling energetic way to rival sci-fi movies from the past and challenge ones for the future. This is a movie that won’t work as well on standard DVD and even on a 3D television the look won’t translate but it has to be my number one film of 2013 just because it was beautiful and terrifying. The rush of being thrust into Ryan Stone’s suit and seeing the sheer awesomeness of Earth and then having the terror of seeing an infinite wall of black spinning around you is a jolt of extremes. The character is facing adversities and more than that trying to overcome fears and grow after a tragedy in her life. The symbolic moment of her rebirth with CGI tubes floating around as she resembles a baby in the womb was simple but amazingly poetic. Sandra Bullock who plays the lead floats, pushes and panics her way through a series of unfortunate events ultimately deciding on life or death as her ending. George Clooney plays the charming lovable bastard as well as he always does but this really is the Bullock Show and to act amongst pre-set visuals and new engineered cameras is a feat in itself. Everything had to be timed which could have restricted her performance but she acts as if she had no constraints whatsoever. The scene where she speaks to the radio and hears dog whines is her finest moment. This film is brilliant, you can’t help look at it and marvel at how believable it is that they could really be in space. Alfonso Cuarón, the director has waited for technology to catch up to his ideas and thus he’s created a perfectly short, exhilarating space film crammed with exciting 3D visuals. A pumping and haunting soundtrack add to the ups and downs of this high flying thriller and it’s a film that I have seen again and again and that won’t stop me from seeing it multiple times still.


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