Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (2013)


First of all let me say that I loved the first film because it was just quotably bonkers and stupidly random. It was like a breath of fresh air to the comedy genre because it was uniquely being out there but told an intelligent story at the same time about accepting the female gender as something other than an object. Anchorman 2 though doesn’t really have any underlying comment that makes the stupid stuff acceptable.

Will Ferrell and his buffoonish crew are back and in the Big Apple this time around but the random jokes and visual gags are still as commonplace as if they were back in San Diego. There are a few laugh out loud moments that didn’t come from the trailer so that earns good marks for the film but the trouble with this film if for an Anchorman film this makes sense, it feels too disjointed. The middle section where (spoiler) Ron Burgundy becomes blind is just nonsense filler and the song to the shark isn’t that great, the magic of Afternoon Delight is not something that can happen again apparently and most of the jokes use racism or retardedness to get a chuckle. I felt that Brick became too much of a moron that he no longer came across as just a slow weatherman but a man with a mental problem which isn’t funny, it was funnier when he was just awkward and dim. Jokes were just version 2.0’s on the funnier originals from the first film. I kept thinking that with this movie Ferrell and McKay were attempting to get the spark from the first film and it felt tryhard in them throwing in so many stupid lines to try and be quotable like the 2004 outing was.

The highlights came from the fight sequence as by the time that came on screen I’d forgotten about the fact cameos or a battle scenario could still happen. It’s a large list of actors and it was amusing seeing them in the park representing an endless list of increasingly pointless news channels. The upside down painting in the lighthouse was also a nice touch. Burgundy played by Ferrell was the funniest thing about the film even with the uncomfortable attempted suicide that seemed to signal the downfall of this film from the beginning.

A reasonably funny film but one that didn’t need to happen and has sadly tainted the original.



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