The Acting Brick Road


I have created a page that is focused on looking at movies of certain past and contemporary actors, that I have seen. I will look at their best performance, a performance of theirs that’s not so great, something they’ve done that’s family friendly and something more adult orientated to try and show how diverse the actor can be, if they haven’t done something NSFW or a kiddy sort of film then I’ll leave that out. I will also look to TV, chat shows and sketches they may have done to look outside the film world to see how they appear off the big screen and on something smaller.

It will basically let you follow follow follow follow follow the acting career of certain actors.

At the moment it’s Oscar orientated with a look see at nominated figures but once Sunday is done with the range will be opened up more!

I will be trying to keep this updated every day with a new face to add to the growing list. Go on, step away from that fallen crashed house and the withered feet of the dead witch and take a more interesting path down the acting brick road.


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