Oscars 2014 Look Back


So we’re nearly at the point that the 86th Academy Awards was on 24 hours ago and after making myself incredibly tired staying up with snacks and Pepsi to watch a stream I am happy with the winners.

12 Years A Slave was pretty much always going to win Best Picture, the only real sense of competition was in the sky high wonder of Gravity that swept nearly every other award – an exaggeration I know but it did win most of the golden men. The subject matter of 12 Years is harrowing and emotional and carried with sublime conviction by Chiwetel Ejiofor and it had Oscars Best Pic written all over it in terms of look and story.

Gravity deserved it’s technical wins and Cuaron was a well deserved director. To wait for his idea to be realised by having genius tech made and utilised says it all for what a visionary he is. After scooping awards throughout the ceremony I was starting to think that maybe just maybe it could grab Best Picture too but the deserved winner was McQueen’s third feature and Gravity displayed brilliance in everything else. Sound was justified as it’s haunting yet beautiful score kicks the film into further overdrive.

American Hustle won nothing, nada, zilch. I’m happy. The only award it could have possibly deserved was Costuming and Best Actress but Blanchett was a shoe in the entire time, way before the Dolby Theatre had even started setting up tables and the red carpet. Adams delivered a phenomenal performance with such a mediocre script and disappointing story pay-off and twist. I am actually happy in a way she didn’t win for this film because she deserves to win for something much better.

The Great Gatsby did look stylish and glamorous and deserved it’s win’s last night/morning. A riot filled film filled with flappers, contemporary music and gloss.

Her picked up a hugely deserved Oscar for Original Screenplay and this was one moment of my watching time that I felt the most awake and happy. It was the most original and is such an interesting sweet yet weird take on a love story. Glorious and I can’t wait to watch it again.

Frozen was predictable but against the competitors it committed an easy walk over and picked up two Oscars for Song and Animated Feature. Considering it’s appeal over the holidays and the achievement it made over the weekend of earning over 1 billion dollars at the Box Office it had to win.

I really want to watch Helium after seeing the short snippet of it during the ceremony. I don’t ever really see the documentaries or short animations/films as I never know where they’re on or if they ever get released but this looks like a damn good story and looked amazing. I want it now!

Lupita and Jared were also the front runners and deserved their wins for being some of the better aspects of their respective films.

The McConnaisance is in full effect with Matthew picking up his first Oscar and after seeing him in recent things you wonder how he hasn’t already had one by now. A true turn around and hopefully he’ll stay on this brilliant path.

As I said Cate Blanchett was the favourite and there wasn’t a shadow of a doubt she’d win. She played the troubled character well with her flashes of panic and madness raging at the past ghosts of her life with believability that you started liking a character that you began disliking.

The night seemed long especially with the dodgy lagging streams I’d found. My computer was a hive of opened tabs with each one trying to play the stream, but even shutting them down to leave one made no difference but apparently I wasn’t the only person I know facing buffering problems. So that niggle aside I had fun staying up til 5 in the morning with crisps and aching eyes to see who picked up what and see if Gravity could do the big one after all, it didn’t but it’ll stand as a cinema experience for years to come and I hope IMAX realise this and keep it in cinemas for a while yet.

The show itself was a mixture of highs and lows with some of Ellen Degeneres’ jokes falling flat but the deliberate shambolic events of taking photos and ordering pizza through an event like that made for entertainment and a brilliantly record breaking tweet. The photo sits above and is just amazing.

I say it every year that I’ll wait to watch the show the morning after but every time I do the same and gather my high in fat foods and drinks, open up a multitude of different sites and eagerly await for the main show to start. Heck even spotting people arriving on the pre red carpet part is still fun, Jennifer Lawrence tripped again so that was something to keep me going til the show started. It’s an annual tradition of mine now and the Oscars are a fun thing to partake in watching through slowly closing exhausted but interested eyes.

Now we have 364 days to wait. I look forward to seeing how varied the list of Best Pictures could be next year.


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