Amy Adams


Amy Adams is my favourite actress, talented and beautiful and she’s now appeared up on my Acting Brick Road page. The format is simple enough where I look over their best performances, not so best, mature sort of roles and kid friendly ones, all my opinion though so don’t take overly seriously! Over on the page you’ll find out what my favourite role of hers is…controversial choice I now realise and there are some links of her from when she’s not doing big screen stuff. Here’s a taster and then please head on over to discover the likes of Jonah Hill, Cate Blanchett and Michael Fassbender. 

BEST PERFORMANCE: She’s strong in all that she does but I’d say it’s between ‘American Hustle’, ‘The Fighter’ and ‘Junebug’. I wish I could make it a tie but if I was pushed then I’d say her most engaging and captivating performance was in ‘Junebug.’ You couldn’t help but feel for her, she steals the eye in every scene and you want more of her and her character. A happy go lucky character with a suppressed feeling of unhappiness and regret and her scene when it goes wrong is tragic and she is amazing in it.

NOT SO BEST PERFORMANCE: Her not so finest hour is in ‘Man of Steel’ where she plays Lois Lane. It’s not a very interesting take on the character with a barely there style or substance by her or the writers. It’s a shame and perhaps a superhero kind of film isn’t the sort of thing for her which is a blessing as she’s better than blockbuster films showing more performance skills in indie, musicals or award nominated features.

FAMILY FRIENDLY: She’s a charming actress with roles across the movie spectrum and has done roles watchable by all, these include ‘The Muppet Movie’, ‘Enchanted’, the second ‘Night at the Museum’, and ‘Man of Steel’ like many superhero films these days can be suitable for younger ones. A well rounded performer who seems to like trying to cater to many audiences.

MATURE ROLE: Her most adult acting role would have to be in ‘American Hustle’ where her wardrobe caters for a considerable amount of flashing flesh, lots of swearing in the film, conning and conniving, sex and dirty fashion and style of the 1970’s make this film the glossy sexy film it is.


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