The Lego Movie (2014)


‘The Lego Movie’ is fantastic. It’s a real treat and one of the best animations I’ve seen in a while, surpassing even some of Pixar’s genius which is a big thing to say as I do love Pixar films. The story of a generic construction guy called Emmet stumbling upon a hidden world of wonder and prophecy is simple enough to keep the kids distracted but it’s in its thick and fast comedic style where the older viewer is drawn in too.

There’s gags a plenty, both visually and through the script. Emmet is brilliantly usual and blends in with the massive crowd, his happy go lucky nature of doing everything by the book is so delightfully charming that you’re invested in his yellow faced character from the moment he appears bending backwards on a brand new day. A brand new awesome day I may add as it’s a day where he discovers the Piece of Resistance and his normal life is forever changed. He meets up with Wyldstyle and realises the existence he once thought was good enough is a lie and then the madness ensues.

It’s just so silly and the jokes and style are pacy and random enough to keep adult watchers entertained. I truly think this film caters fantastically well to all ages and perhaps even more so to adults who know and love Lego from their childhood. The touching and surprisingly sad element of imagination and its restrictions is a heartfelt and deep thought. I wasn’t expecting the way the latter part of the movie was filmed and it was a neat addition and helped tell the story even more. A manner of perfection and everything in its place is something we all know as the world is designed in a way for everyone to assume perfection is a trait we all need but this film gives a truly lovely message in accepting things being against the norm, there’s a charm and nicety in discovering your own way and doing your own thing.

The voicework is over the top and fun for a cartoon of this crazy nature and Chris Pratt’s delivery is top notch in being so downright amazed at everything that when he does feel lost and unknown his sadder site hits even harder. Will Arnett provides comedy in replicating Bale’s gravelly Batman tone and the moment when him and Liam Neeson as Bad Cop/Good Cop have a gruff voice off is genius, almost as good as Alec Baldwin and Arnett himself doing the same thing in ’30 Rock’. Alison Brie has a fluffy part playing a gloriously odd uni kitty and her Disney like cuteness is heard through her fantasy like wonder in wanting everything to be happy and nice. Elizabeth Banks plays the role of the obvious love interest and you know she and Emmet will end up together but it’s a fun enough back and forth between the two to make that inevitably alright. Will Ferrell is insanely evil as Lord/President Business and has a bigger part to play in the grand scheme of things making the ending a true turn of events in filmic style and it’s a great choice. There’s fun and exaggerated vocal work from all the players involved as you’d expect with a kids film but in a film this mad and fast they don’t ever become annoying so that’s a plus.

The Duplo introduction is also a moment where I was like great…here’s the sequel introduction and I’d have been quite happy with this film being a one off as it’s quirky and cool to not need the probably underwhelming second offering. Also, the fast pace can become a little too fast at times though with police battles, flying duels and mega bricked scenes shooting onto the screen and cutting quickly that sometimes felt a tad too rushed or dizzying. It jumps from location to location spoofing westerns and Middle Earth and in that it feels like the story is skidding about a little too much but apart from the sometimes overbearing sugar rush element of the pace it’s a fun film that questions the order of playtime.

A film that has been hyped up and seen by many and luckily it wasn’t a disappointment, a joyous ride of a film that built up a bunch of funny characters and had a moral to share that almost tore my heart into (Lego) pieces.



One thought on “The Lego Movie (2014)

  1. I enjoyed this as well. Probably would have given it an A if I went with family or younger people.
    I too was pleasantly surprised with the ending. Did not expect them to go there, but it worked for the most part.

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