Club Dread (2004)


This is a take it or leave it sort of movie, there’s nothing spectacular about it but it’s also not so terrible that you won’t watch the whole thing. I mean there’s moments that are bad and for a comedy it does drag which is never a good sign but there are moments of good ideas in here that keep this film from sinking completely.

From the makers of ‘Super Troopers’, this is a comic slasher parody set on an island and placing the staff as both targets and possible killers. It’s a whodunit deal though the payoff is pretty awful as the reasoning behind their motivations is poor and another character throughout would have had better reason to have done it and in fact they keep alluding to clues that it’s them, so when it isn’t you get that they’ve pulled a red herring on you but then you start to think that that person would have been a better choice.

The acting is standard and I guess it being a parody they can get away with being kind of wooden and cringey but after a while it gets annoying, especially the horrendously forced posh British accent of the director/actor Jay Chandrasekhar who plays tennis oddball Putman. One of the other leads who is a new arrival and a masseur is a terrible character in both performance and writing, there’s no substance to really like him and the moment where he hums some enchantment to get thin and roll under a bed to avoid being killed is just stupid, even for a comedy. A lot of this film unfortunately seems to focus on drugs and boobs more than crafting a genuinely funny spin on horror films.

There are times though when the movie is actually pretty damn tense and you feel like you’re watching a bonafide horror movie. The maze scene where a pear is chased by the killer dressed as a pineapple starts off silly but becomes chilling. The opening is okay after you try and accept the polystyrene graveyard set as there is a false shock set up that did actually make me jump, even if afterwards a body is daftly left by the killer which would have been found way before, it’s on the edge of the pool tree line, I mean come on, at least move the victim after. The ending with the killer coming back for more was also a neat mick take of horror characters never dying even if it got extremely ridiculous very quickly.

It’s an mediocre effort at best with a good looking cast and some inspired ideas that get tumbled in with the rest of the film. Also it’s a parody too little too late as it comes after better offerings from that of ‘Scary Movie’ and ‘Scream’. A DVD rental kind of film but nothing else really.



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