Bachelorette (2012)


This is sadly a film that could have been so much more, there’s a few funny jokes scattered throughout the subpar plot and despicable characters but that isn’t enough to prevent the story falling on its face trying to emulate comedies like ‘The Hangover’ and ‘Bridesmaids.’ It’s a shame as it had premise to be better and there’s some consistently good comedic actors in here that face a black humour that consistently feels too much.

The story is about a soon to be wed woman called Becky, (Rebel Wilson) the first of the B-Faces to get married but it’s on her three high school friends that the plot focuses more on and their behaviour and inner demons. There’s the bitchy queen bee maid of honour, the slutty coke taking friend and the ditzy, booby intoxicated one. It says it all when the stereotypes are this two dimensional.

The problem is this film has hardly any likeability, the majority of characters are horrible – both male and female. The only nice characters are Becky, Joe and Dale and that’s only because Dale is hardly in it. I was expecting a turn around, some resolution or recognition that would make the three B-Faces realise how mean they are, how lost in their crazed lives they are but they don’t, a simple wedding and four women dance is enough for them to forget the mad night they just had and the fact they’re all nasty about their so called friend. A moral or heartfelt apology from them would have made them likeable, it would have made amends for the backstabbing way they treat Becky now and then in the film, for example ripping her wedding dress by two of them posing inside it. It’s meant to be funny I guess, but the fat joke is misplaced especially as they’re meant to be her friends and Regan (Kirsten Dunst) pep talks her into forgetting anyone that calls or called her fat…talk about two faced.

The fat stuff isn’t the only uncomfortable mixture of dark and light, there’s too much shown of a coke/weed fuelled comedown resulting in a highly serious case of Katie (Isla Fisher) passing out nearly dying. The quick plot tool of saying she’s fine to go the wedding is utterly ridiculous and seems to leave no message for what happened. They’re back to partying and drinking again at the wedding which also features a surreal speech from Clyde (Adam Scott) as he declares he and Gena (Lizzy Caplan) had sex multiple times that morning. It’s no romantic gesture you normally get at the end of these movies. There’s a whole odd amount of black humour that gets deep and makes it all feel too jarring. Practically everyone is arrogant and obsessed with something, they’re all nasty bitchy abhorrent people and I don’t get where you’re meant to find some investment in this film, sure people are like that but there should have been at least a slight ray of sun to the characters to make you feel they learnt something about themselves and each other.

Also an obvious cut to a close up of some Xanax sets up the idea that something bad will happen but what does is stupid, another silly move from Katie as she downs the whole pot of pills. I thought that perhaps she’d exit the pool and see them thinking Joe the nice guy had roofied her or was going to try to resulting in her being upset as she actually liked him but no, that’s too meaningful for this film I guess. That would have been a nice indication to her flaws and that she partied hard because she was fearing being alone without the right guy and right job but there’s none of that and she reverts back to her ways. In fact at the end you don’t feel like any of the characters have changed and the same could happen again and again.

The only few positives were some of the jokes such as Isla Fisher’s Katie pulling a face about a poor choice of dress for a customer right in front of said customer, Katie brutally chopping Joe down as he leaves the pool room with a joke about the lack of his erection. To be honest most of the funny boiled down to the charm of Fisher as she had the ditzy girl role and her wide eyed wonder of strippers and stupidity in general caused a few smiles. That and the acting could be picked out as high points, you hated nearly everyone so they acted well in portraying such despicable characters. A sore film that just about lets the actors come away with dignity in tact.

A watchable fun idea that quickly becomes bitchy and dark centred on similarly bitchy and dark characters leaving no breathing room for likeability, comedy or a heartfelt epilogue.



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