A Couple of E’s for the Night



The newest addition to my acting and directorial line-up over at my Acting Brick Road and Directing Brick Road pages. To discover what my favourite film of both these public figures are, then click the ‘brick road’ links and find out. You can also keep on a scrollin’ to look at my view of best and not so best movies for a whole list of other talents.



BEST PERFORMANCE: She’s good and consistently believable and interesting as Hermione but her best acting appears in the most recent of her movies with ‘Noah’. The character of Ila outshines the sons and her plight throughout is more captivating and emotional than the epic CGI or biblical plot. She tugs on the heartstrings more than I expected and can cry for the camera with conviction. A bigger and more out there film for Watson to be part of but one that feeds her a larger slice of the acting pie and she does better for it.

NOT SO BEST PERFORMANCE: It’s harsh to say as she was only young but the first couple of Harry Potter movies were starting points with the makers and cast not knowing how they’d be taken. Emma Watson’s acting is annoying at times, she gets the bushy haired know it all dynamic of the female sidekick down but there’s only a certain amount of times you can take her raising her eyebrows to emphasise dialogue. To be fair to the young actress she is reasonable in all that she does, not overly spectacular but not awful and that’s fine considering her talents in modelling, education and acting. I’ve never understood people that think she’s terrible but I can also say she’s not fantastic…yet.

FAMILY FRIENDLY: Clearly all the Potter movies, even with the darker elements are friendly material for all ages with the fantasy magic being an enchanting joy for children and adults alike. She’s voiced a princess for ‘The Tale of Despereaux’. The 12A certificate for ‘Noah’ should be ignored though as youngsters will either find the story dull but more than this it’s dark with harrowing scenes that could torment little ones.

MATURE ROLE: Ila is a character in a dark, troubling world and unlike the dark vibe of the Potter franchise, ‘Noah’ really is brutal and sometimes terrifying. The near ending with her character facing Crowe’s eco-warrier is very upsetting however the resolution comes around. The most adult performance of hers though would lie with ‘This is the End’ where she swears and fights her way into a barricaded house. She’s kick-ass in a tiny role in this end of the world comedy and shines purely because it’s so far removed from her English rose like status as the lovable witch in Harry Potter world.


BEST FEATURE: ‘Shaun of the Dead’ broke him into the film world with a bang and with the comedic talents of Pegg and Frost the zom-com story became a fun and interesting take on two done to death genres making a sparky, witty and clever hybrid. The style echoes zombie movies perfectly setting up the way they look to parody them even more. The stylish zip of the film goes nicely, especially with the narration of Shaun explaining how they’ll get to Phillip.

NOT SO BEST FEATURE: Now this is only on here as the only one I could think of as having tiny weaknesses to put in this category. I actually loved the film and loved it’s quirky comic book look and charm but I can kind of see how ‘Scott Pilgrim vs the World’ is more a cult thing now and that it perhaps is too random for some people.

ALL ROUND VIEWING MATERIAL: With Wright there hasn’t been a movie he has directed that could be watched by all the family. He is a man who likes the adult sense of comedy and uses that to damn fine effect in the small number of films he has done. He did help write the ‘The Adventures of Tintin’ though so in some sense he’s contributed to something in the film world with family viewing material.

MATURE FEATURE: I’d say the most mature of his films would probably be ‘Shaun of the Dead’ just because of its language, blood, zombie deaths and horror vibes though ‘Hot Fuzz’ does have a dark murder mystery atmosphere to make it quite adult too.

If you click the above links you can also see videos of these two people and other stars in interviews, commercials and more. It’s them away from the characters.


4 thoughts on “A Couple of E’s for the Night

  1. Great post! I was less taken with Watson in Noah. I thought the whole finale was just a bit melodramatic. I really liked her in Perks Of A Wallflower and Bling Ring though (even though I felt her character needed more development in this one).

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