Run Lola Run (1998)



This film is just all kinds of crazy awesome. ‘Run Lola Run’ a German movie directed by Tom Tykwer is experimental, funny, brilliant, lucid and exhilarating. There’s cartoon segments mixed with energetic wipes and zooms and snappy cuts all add to the dizzying rush of the character’s race to get money and help her boyfriend.

The plot follows Lola as she attempts to collect enough money to help her troubled boyfriend. From this point we get a triple strand and after seeing one pacy story we see an end and then take two to face the second story and then again for take three. It’s also an ending of the entirety of the film that’s clever in leaving it up the audience in what they think is the true consequence of Lola and Manni.

It’s a simple enough story and short in length too but the genius is in this exact simplicity. There’s the deeper roots of minor actions affecting her and other people’s lives. We see this through blasts of photo flashes foreshadowing the events of the other people’s future. They’re dark in some cases but funny too and the same people she passes or bumps into change each time too.There’s the main cycle of Lola’s three runs all with differing outcomes and each time you see more, the moment with the ambulance facing the wall of glass is just stupid but brilliant. So too is the three guys’ car who get rammed by someone elses car each time…to be honest the entire film is stuffed to the brim with insanely gifted fun moments like this.

Tykwer manages to pile in a whole smorgasbord of creativity to tell this ever-changing plot. The clear use of spirals helps make the film feel like it’s descending into a swirling boil of rushing panic and frantic madness, in a good way of course. The more spiritual element comes under the surface once the audience has time to breathe and it comments nicely on chance and destiny, such as with the true fate of Lola and the people she goes past on her twenty minute journey. It all looks downright crazy but sexy too with a whole array of locations in Germany adding to the story and an adrenaline injection of action making the film burst like some shaken bottle of fizz.

The movie switches pace and style in shot after shot, characters come and go and you invest in the terror of Lola getting to Manni on time. It feels in places like the zany batshit brilliance of ‘Crank’ which maybe was influenced by this 1998 German film. A true mastery of work with a real deep thought on life, its actions and consequences told in a unique and fun way.



One thought on “Run Lola Run (1998)

  1. I remember my GCSE German teacher sitting us down in front of this back in the day. I think it was the happiest I ever was to sacrifice an entire lunchtime. Great film and a nice write-up of it!

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