Colour in Films



Carrying on with my moviebrickroad idea it’s only fitting that as Dorothy arrives in the colourful land of Oz that I look over a few films that use colour in general or as a theme for something else.

Click moviebrickroad to start the movie journey from its roots if you so wish 🙂

The first use of colour for animation was only a couple of years before ‘The Wizard of Oz’ came along and it of course is a Walt Disney picture.


The first feature film for animated storytelling told with cel-animation; hand drawn storyboards and filled with colour to emphasise the now iconic rosy red lips and cheeks of Snow herself and of course the same deep red for the poisoned apple.

The first of its kind and where would the movie world be now without the kickstarting methods of animation and colouring found in this 1937 all time Disney classic.

A more recent film that uses colour a lot is ‘We Need to Talk About Kevin’.


This is a great film and highly disturbing at times concerning the weird tendencies of Kevin but it works so well in picking a colour and using this as repetitive image to discuss inner thoughts and feelings relating to the characters. This colour is red and obviously it symbolises the twisted blood like nature of Kevin’s evil but there can be warmth and romance to it also and you kind of get that now and then in this film. From jam to tomato soup cans and from paint to blood the red theme connects as a tormenting blot of colour that Tilda Swinton’s character can’t get rid of.

To see and read what else made the list of colour in films click here and scroll on down to the introduction of colour which features after my quick take on natural disasters in movieland.


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