Movies are Magical, aren’t they?


Carrying on with my moviebrickroad (<—–click there) page I’ve decided to utilise the appearance of Glinda the Good to overview magical characters and magical moments in movies.

Ranging from Harry Potter obviously to the more obscure ‘magic’ tendencies involved in say ‘Bruce Almighty’!

Click the above link or on the word here to look at my complete moviebrickroad page and see what magical characters didn’t make the main list but still received honourable mentions and generally look at the journey so far as I travel along with Dorothy from black and white to leading ladies through filmic natural disasters and into the land of colour and movie houses!

The White Witch/Queen

Appears in ‘The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Played by Tilda Swinton

Possesses a truly wicked sense of badness in wanting to keep Narnia caked in snow, her desire for endless winter leaves her hating the other magic folk and specifically Aslan. Uses magic to turn good characters into stone statues, can magic up a delicious gift of Turkish Delight too.

Hermione Granger

Appears in all the ‘Harry Potter’ movies

Played by Emma Watson

A mudblood but that makes no difference as she proves to be one of the best determined students at Hogwarts. Has brains and wits to come up with ideas and uses magic to help her friends. A bright and talented witch with only good on her mind.

Alfred Borden

Appears in ‘The Prestige’

Played by Christian Bale

A tricky and intelligent lower class man with a knack for magic. Fares well in magic rivalries, especially when up against Robert Angier. Always looking for the next big thing he finds some impressive stage act with his transporting man routine. A clever magician with something big up his sleeve.

Carrie White

Appears in ‘Carrie’

Played by Sissy Spacek

Carrie doesn’t possess a trait of magic per say but her TK (Telekinesis) does the same powerful job. Can shift objects with her mind mostly when in times of personal anger. Don’t get on the wrong side of her or fear the bloody wrath that she can muster up.


Matilda Wormwood

Appears in ‘Matilda’

Played by Mara Wilson

This moment stands out because of the significance involved. Matilda has had hints of her magic powers but now she knows for sure she’s gifted and this fun giddy scene showcases her magic properly and captures that child-like wonder of discovery and amusement brilliantly.

Bruce Nolan

Appears in ‘Bruce Almighty’

Played by Jim Carrey

There is too many moments of power mixed with stupidity to mention throughout this film but this soup-tastic discovery is a highlight. Nolan has found out he’s been handed the magic like qualities of God’s power and now explores this righteous gift with responsibility….no of course he does what a lot of us would do and has a bit of fun first!

Merlin and Madam Mim

Appear in ‘The Sword in the Stone’

Voiced by Karl Swenson and Martha Wentworth

The impressive moment where the two magical characters face off and duel with the rule of turning into animals to try and defeat one another. The animation is amazing and demonstrates the vs. of good and evil and brains vs brawn to great effect. The transformations are epic and range from goats, snakes, dragons and germs!


Magic is…well magic and movies are magical aren’t they?!



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