Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort (2014)


It’s clear why this is a straight to DVD release, it’s pretty schlock filled and the story is so twisted it can be laughable but for all the faults it may possess, this film isn’t horrendous. It’s actually got moments that shine, the gore effects are great and it’s quite clearly aiming to be an over the top horror.

After seeing two characters killed off by a set of disfigured and torturous folk, we’re welcomed to the main set of characters, led by Danny (Anthony Ilott) and his girlfriend Toni (Aqueela Zoll), who bring their friends along to Hobb Springs Resort after finding out Danny may have relatives or contacts to take over the hotel as owner. It’s clear that the present owners, Jackson and Sally (Chris Jarvis & Sadie Katz) are strange and out to turn Danny to their side including letting the three scarred men torment and murder the rest of the group one by one.

Now, I haven’t seen any of the other films in this horror franchise, so maybe me thinking this was reasonable is because I cannot compare it to earlier editions, but I’m sure it can’t be the worst one because the creepy incestual nature, blood, guts and sex are all high and mighty tropes for a cemented horror flick. The looming presence of odd family closeness tipping too far one way makes for, not uncomfortable viewing but very alarming as you see Danny begin to head down that slippery family fondness road. The partnership of Jackson and Sally is stupidly over the top but I can’t and won’t deny that it pushes them out front as perfect horror villains.

The location itself is suitable enough, what with many trees setting up a forest, a primal fear of the unknown amongst the foliage. The spa/hotel building itself is the right amount of expansive yet degrading to make you feel uneasy about what could be hiding round corners or down corridors. The whole elderly meeting thing is so pointless though and I didn’t feel that it added much, just a way to shock by offing an OAP. The hillbilly town which gets revealed almost feels like a family reference to ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’ what with their out in the sticks manner and obsessions for killing and eating flesh.

Aside from these cannibalistic gentlemen and an eerie theme of incest, the rest of the film is tame slasher story with an excuse to show as much boob, blood and gore as humanly possible. The strongest death is actually one right at the beginning, with a horrific use of curled barbed wire grating someones eyes. After that, they’re either quick and brutal or slow and stupid, especially in the case of a rear end and a hose, honestly, I make no joke, I wish I did. There isn’t a great use of suspense, everything is just kill kill kill.

Anthony Ilott is alright as the main character, he has a journey to face kind of, it being a mild transcendence into the world of dining on blood and inviting guests to stay at a place that may rival the creepiness of the Sawyer’s residence in Massacre. Though if you really look at where Danny ends up you realise what a crap ending it is and highly unbelievable too. Sadie Katz has more of the stronger moments as the lust filled sister yet lover wannabe. She screws and scrunches her face like a demented devil woman and stands close by to fornication, like a person who has never heard of porn. The rest of the friend gang don’t have much to do apart from serve as the menu of death. Whether they’re smoking pot, getting their breasts out or generally pratting about waiting for their card to be punched on clock out they don’t have moments to become three dimensional.

The make up effects on the most part are damn good, the tremendous amount of obscene bloody killings makes it far from a boring movie, but the story is pretty weak, the characters aren’t likable or really relatable and slight tense or twisted feelings don’t help the film much I’m afraid.



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