Horrible Bosses 2 (2014)


More entertaining and stylish than the first time around I believe, it relies an awful lot on pratting about to gain the laughs but it’s not a stale idea as quite a few times the comedy lands with a genuine smack.

The same three buffoons from the 2011 movie are back and now have invented a multi purpose shower tool called the Shower Buddy. Dale (Charlie Day), Nick (Jason Bateman) and Kurt (Jason Sudeikis) have the hope for the gadget to become big when Rex Hanson (Chris Pine) and his father Burt (Christoph Waltz) want 100’000 units. The Hanson’s are quick to reverse their offer screwing up NickKurtDale’s livelihood leaving them coming up with the option to kidnap Rex to get money back from Burt, though of course their incompetence and some unwanted attention from sexpot dentist Julia (Jennifer Aniston) doesn’t help things along.

It has some good laughable moments, perhaps not gut wrenching belly laughs unless you’re a solid hardcore fan of the original. It’s a style of comedy that does know it’s being funny because it’s so dumb and the biggest amount of it stems from moronic humour in the way the three leads are so inept at carrying out their crime wave. They’re squabbling, arguing frittering children in grown men’s bodies and some of the things they say as asides or juvenile mishaps they end up are quite funny to be honest.

The problem, or at least one of the problems this film has is in the waste of it’s amazing cast. Jennifer Aniston is actually very capable at comedy as we darn well know and she’s subjected to a sidelined role with obvious smutty humour as her main acting note. Christoph Waltz is hardly in it at all which is a shame because he’s an actor I love and he can do fun really well, his character is nothing of any villainous or entertaining interest. Kevin Spacey is back but gets a speck of screen time compared to the three main dudes and most of his stuff is sadly, not very funny.

It’s a film that centres on a trio of half-wits or at least morons in the scheme they’re up to their neck in, but a lot of the movie makes you begin to find them grating. The annoying thing is in Day’s repetitive screeching to provide funnies. Sudeikis has a character that bounces back and forth and clearly improvises a lot but it’s not always a hit, Bateman is the only one that has a character you can kind of empathise with. The stupid branch of the comedy tree is fully gripped by Chris Pine’s Rex though and he does look like he’s having a ball with the twisty turny character he’s been given.

This film felt better to me because it had a more heist genre glean to it. An ‘Oceans 11’ like style of split screens, wipes and plans being dreamed up are cool little ideas as the three think of how to pull off the kidnap ransom money being dropped their way. Thanks to this plot turn up it leads to more twists and I liked the comedy taking a slightly new angle in seeing how events would pan out. The film also has an awesomely unique spin on a car chase and the funniest moment of the film may square on a freight train and a fenced in vehicle.

This is being reviewed much harsher than I think is fair, I enjoyed it at the face value I think it should be taken with. Their may be some naff tries at comedy, some of the stars may be underused and it’s overly silly with over the top characters but there’s a good hand of fun to be had with it all and it not being as dark works in its favour. Just don’t go in expecting to laugh your socks off and have a stupid moronic time and you’ll love it otherwise it’s a comedy sequel that doesn’t do much to warrant it hitting cinema screens.

(A controversial?) 6/10


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