We’re the Millers (2013)


I rather like this film to be honest, it has poor reviews and I can get that the story isn’t strong or dazzlingly new but it’s funny and as a comedy that’s ticked the main box so no qualms from me.

After get robbed, small time drug dealer David (Jason Sudeikis) is left with an order to head to Mexico and smuggle out an apparent smidge and a half of marijuana to get $100’000. Knowing it won’t work out that easily he comes up with a plan to pose as a family man in an RV to cross the border without hassle. Neighbour and stripper Rose (Jennifer Aniston), downstairs loner Kenny (Will Poulter) and runaway rebel Casey (Emma Roberts) come together as a fake family in the hope for this plan to succeed.

Seeing this at the cinema and watching it again on DVD, I can happily say I laughed out loud on a number of occasions, the simplicity of Kenny’s dopey character, Nick Offerman and Kathryn Hahn’s double act, the kissing scene stand out as humourous and play into making this film one of the stronger comedies of 2013. There’s a nice smile to be put across your face at the genuinely funny gags on the credits and for Friends fans there’s a warming moment too.

The story doesn’t necessarily make sense at times, I mean how David has no money but then gets tickets for four to fly to Mexico is odd but as a comedy, you can look over that I guess. It’s plain and simple and from the off you know the trying sentimental side of things is an undercurrent of David’s need to not be a petty low level dealer anymore and sometimes the family like set up is repeated a lot to make it clear they will become the Miller family but it’s not a huge weakness.

There’s some brilliant scenarios in here, Kenny and the spider, the Dexter riffs helped along by a couple of Dexter actors, the Aniston garage strip scene of course and Pictionary problems are done well throughout and make scenes leap out as memorable along the way amongst other less memorable moments. Kenny, Don and Edith are in fact the best written characters and provided the most laughs for me, their over the top or friendly nature are superb.

Jason Sudeikis is once again the expected wry and smarmy lead, coming up with lines to try and get himself out of predicaments, the jerky guy he plays does wear thin though and perhaps he’s the only character you never care for in this movie, which isn’t a good thing at all considering he’s the main one. Jennifer Aniston is sweet yet dominating as the go to protective smart mother of the pack, looking the hot part she sizzles as caring and sexy mum. Will Poulter is genuinely genius as the gormless innocent Kenny, his smile or want for hugs and love is touching and his nervous disposition is relatable and so the set-up for romance with Molly Quinn’s Melissa is welcome. Emma Roberts has the scowl and bad girl attitude to play Casey though she brings softer shades to the role in her sisterly quest to help Kenny. Nick Offerman and Kathryn Hahn are a perfect pairing to bring in the funny as fellow RV holidaymakers and their suppressed desire for swinging and anger are neat characterisations sold splendidly by Hahn and Offerman.

It’s a bit try hard in going down that emotional route, at least in forcing us to accept them as a family but on the whole it’s harmless, amusing and a likable treat to enjoy.



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