My Favourite Film of the Year….so far.


So far, and yep I know it’s early days, this film is my favourite movie to hit screens and hit screens it does, it smashes across them with drum beats and blistering battles of ego in such a cool and musically slick way. I can already see this film being in my top ten of 2015 by the time 2016 rolls on around. That’s testament of how good I feel all factors of ‘Whiplash’ are.


Miles Teller and J. K. Simmons are hitting every high note planted on their song sheet (scripts) and pit off against each other with a suitable and perfect ending, the jazz ride there is fierce and brutal, a contained thriller set around drumming never looks the part on paper but trust me if you still haven’t seen it, it’s worth the entry fee.

To see what else I said about Damien Chazelle’s energetic original and Oscar winning film, click on WHIPLASH.


One thought on “My Favourite Film of the Year….so far.

  1. it’s so weird sometimes to realize that some are just getting this movie.. I caught your caption and was all..’hmm what’s really good already besides Kingsman”, which while really fun and fantastic..isn’t Oscar stuff..and I read Whiplash & go..what???!!! hahahahha Then remember.. ahahhaa but’s a fantastic film! πŸ™‚

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