Hot Tub Time Machine 2 (2015)


Crass, dumb and devoid of any real comedic smarts, this sinks in the shallow end of comedy movies. It’s surprising it ever got green-lit a sequel, yes the first film did well at the box office and it was actually fun but a second one, deary me! Any of that fun from the 2010 film is doggy-paddling for it’s life in this lukewarm offering.

Following on 5 years from the events of their meddling in the first film, Lou Dorchen (Rob Corddry), Nick Webber (Craig Robinson) and Jacob Dorchen (Clark Duke) are living it up in their fame filled lives. Though at a party hosted by the wig wearing Lou, he ends up shot and the trio dip back into time travel to find the murderer and save Lou’s life.

The key difference in this film is that time is used to jump forward and a whole new sci-fi angle is explored, though not really for the best. Seeing the future would be cool but it’s far fetched to see hovering dogs, plush tech mansions and more ten years from 2015. At least push the setting on a bit to make the content slightly more digestible. To give some slight credit, the alternative timeline story makes for nerdier and cleverer moments concerning the mishaps of past and present but that’s a one medium high point I can think of.

Josh Heald’s screenplay is bubbling over with obscenities like a hot tub on the fritz. I’ve never in memory, witnessed such a grotesque, unlikable, mean and selfish creep that in the writing of Lou’s character. I don’t know you’re ever meant to like him or root for him and yet the sole purpose of this story is to save his being, why on Earth do they still go with that as the plot? It’s not just Lou that’s crude, the rape themed game show, racism, excessive swearing, dick shots and suicide gags are other things that question why you sit watching this movie, heck I’m reviewing it, I’ll go with that but I still feel like a bad person.

It’s not even got a saving grace of having laugh out loud moments, unless you’re a guffawing teen or an adult with dying brain cells. Calling it average even seems like a stretch as there is plenty of times that you really wonder what the sweet lord is the point in this film. A strut based dance fad is sort of good in riffing on clinging to fame and the ladybug acid trip is at once shot neatly and rather amusing but aside from these two blips of smart humour, the movie is odd and juvenile.

Craig Robinson plays the actually good hearted yet sometime dickish Nick well, though it’s clear he’s on autopilot playing his usual role and he looks bored to tell the truth. Clark Duke flip flops between likable brainiac and fool, simply for going the way of his dad and aiding his cause. Rob Corddry deserves an Oscar, cause he can play nauseatingly horrendous self centered ass of the century, so much so that ripping a cinema screen just to punch his cinematic face would satisfy you. Adam Scott can’t even sweeten the deal in a role that escalates from nice ignorant groom to a tainted addition of the Hot Tub Gang. John Cusack can count his lucky stars he didn’t return and that might be why the film suffers.

Dull, nasty and naff, this loud adult comedy bashes your head with no heart, no outcome or morals to balance the pointless annoying narrative. Empty the hot-tub, clean it out and never use it again, please for the love of film, send it back to the store.



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