Ted 2 (2015)


Foul and furry as ever, come to life walking teddy bear Ted is back in a more human capacity as he and thunder buddy John swear, get high and travel to New York. In a way this is a better movie than the 2012, it’s a got a more interesting scope and there are funnier sequences involved in the madness of unsurprising dumb frat boy humour.

John Bennett (Mark Wahlberg), now divorced is still best buds with cursing smoking Ted (Seth MacFarlane) who marries Boston lass Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth). Though as they try and adopt Ted realises he’s being followed up as a non human, property and therefore his marriage will be void and his life will change. The thunder buddies and novice lawyer Samantha (Amanda Seyfried) fight the courts to try and prove that Ted is capable of human traits.

The story by MacFarlane, Alec Sulkin and Wellesley Wild could have been dull and though it’s more of the same in terms of certain events, i.e the threat of Donny, they utilise on a grander more emotional pull of court justice and humanity. Amongst the often crap humour the trio of writers bring in that weighty theme of civil rights and apply it to a bear, which actually works. It’s an interesting step up to see where else they could have taken Ted and this was probably the best route.

Fight through the bong bombardment and other kindergarten comedy and you will find some humourous moments. The comedy improv scene is brilliant for just being so black in comedy, the cutaway of lipstick wearing Ted calling out for sexual acts reminds of the typical Family Guy style and John failing to cope with Samantha’s dope is damn funny, I don’t know why but Wahlberg sells the scenes as he clings to walls scared to walk home. On the whole, the film has nothing laugh out loud about it and I probably smiled or chuckled less than ten times, but for that audience of teens it will no doubt suffice.

Classier than the rest of the film, MacFarlane clearly jumps on his passion for swing and jazz to give the sequel an opening title of gloss and black tie pizzazz. Ted dances around showgirls and tux wearing gentlemen in a stylish number accompanied by a swelling orchestra. Generally, the film is fantastic for the music, either by Walter Murphy’s score which gives the movie a better sound or excerpts of tracks from songs and movies that play on comedy. The best of which is John William’s ‘Jurassic Park’ theme over the sight of a huge field of weed.

The film can be quite often predictable and apart from a few ideas that spark comedy of cleverness, it’s a dry repeat of what we’ve seen before just with courtroom drama thrown in. Though I may have to say that Liam Neeson wanting to buy cereal is one of the best scenes I’ve watched in a long time and Ted with John shouting law type lingo from the trailer is great. The New York comic con section is also well done in terms of being the big finisher for the plot to prove Ted’s worth.

Mark Wahlberg is a much better comedic actor than his serious stuff, in my opinion. There’s something about him where you can tell he’s having fun and so you do also. Amanda Seyfried is a funky addition, being a great similarity for John’s behaviour, her thread of not knowing popular culture is well delivered and she’s what helps the court scenes have more punch as she seriously speaks about history of justice. Seth MacFarlane voices Ted with the usual profanity and quick wit. Morgan Freeman on a voice you want to sleep on a bed of, does Morgan Freeman as the way to wrap up the film and sound informed.

Moronic and firing offensive jokes left right and centre can get tiring but if you loved or even liked Ted, than this film will be right up your street. It’s got a better story running through it and with a few well structured comedic moments, this 2015 sequel isn’t actually horrendous, I enjoyed it, laughed and would watch it again.



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