The Escort (2015)


Hardly racy but very cheesy, this 2015 movie about sex, addiction and relationships is tame on every level and though it doesn’t harm the senses to watch, it isn’t exactly a thrilling one to sit through either. It has some relatively funny moments in it and the two main stars pull off their pained characters with a sly wink that makes it alright.

Late twenties Mitch (Michael Doneger) lives alone, becomes out of work and is super keen on a Tinder like sex app. He crosses paths with high end escort Victoria/Natalie (Lyndsy Fonseca) who becomes a muse of his as he tries to gain a new journalist position. She too finds use in him as a helpful presence in case her clients turn on her, through this their connection grows.

For a movie squarely honed in on sex and addictive behaviour, this movie is more than fairly weak. I know it doesn’t need to be hardcore or explicit but even the story itself about chasing women over a mobile dating app and escort servicing is done limply. It’s not even saved by being at the other end of the spectrum and appearing classy. It’s just slap bang in the middle and all rather pedestrian with cheesy plot elements leading the way.

Written by main actor Doneger and Brandon A. Cohen, this screenplay slides along nicely and has some funny moments but it’s all so predictable. It fills the romantic genre criteria so easily and doesn’t even seem to try and be bold or different. It’s an easy watch, it’s engaging to a degree and the comedic elements do help it in places but apart from that it’s an underwhelming movie that could have been something to get your teeth into. I know it’s romantic but having a darker line blurring into the plot may have aided the film more.

Kyle Klutz captures some shots with finesse within the movie, the wall where they meet at a car park is shot with a wide lens and far away giving it decorative scope that jumped out as a cool frame. The nighttime scenes are neat also. Director Will Slocombe doesn’t really tackle the subject matter of the film, it’s filmed nicely and each scenes fits well in the place it arrives but there’s no fantastic touch to his directing.

The comedy touches save the film from being something that you’d hope to never see. From intruding bathroom attendants to pot smoking dads, the movie has a sarcastic and dry edge to it at times that does raise a smile even if the serious side of proceedings does little more than follow a basic step by step guide of movie rules. It’s most definitely formulaic but at least it doesn’t fail at following rules otherwise that would be hilariously awful.

Lyndsy Fonseca is a delight to watch, assured, ballsy and fun when she needs to be, she does light up the screen as the confident yet slightly cracked escort. It is a character you can buy into as no doubt there’s thousands of women just like her that would behave in the same way. Fonseca 100% sells the self selling Natalie. Michael Doneger is a likable enough lead and has enough vulnerability to his wayward ways that you don’t hate him. I prefer the interest of Natalie’s story to his though. Bruce Campbell rocks up as astrological believing dad to Michael and steals the scenes with the fact it’s Bruce Campbell!

This is a movie that I wouldn’t recommend but I wouldn’t flick away if it happened to come on a distant TV channel on a rainy day. It’s easy to watch and has some interesting characters sold really well by good actors.



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