Ten from the Bottom ’15

We’re in a new year everyone, yay, congratulations, Auld Lang Syne and all that mumbo jumbo! Truly for me it’s exciting because it means another 366 (leap year this time folks) days of movies to enjoy, dislike, repeat view and immerse myself into. Oscar Season is well and truly here and that can only mean it’s time to look back at movies of 2015, but why start with the top notch film-making gems, I’d like to hover over the weaklings of last year and see what struggled to make me find any redeeming factors! And if you want to then please comment letting me know what films you didn’t like. So…here we go at number ten is…

10) The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2


Sadly the last film of what could have been a ground-breaking and revolutionary series goes out with a laugh and a wimper. The biggest issue is that it should never have been split into two features, making this Part 2 outing drag and feel lifeless even with all the attempts at action. The story feels expositional at times, a loss of life is hardly impacted and wow…that epilogue…sheesh. See what else I had to say —> Mockingjay Part Deux.

9) Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse 


Falling wayside of any clever zombie comedy smarts and in fact comedy, is this teenage aimed smutty and over the top B movie type. It has some alright moments and the premise is neat but the execution is poor as jokes that would be short and sharp with any other director are left to sag in full sequences. Not terrible but no Shaun of the Dead or Zombieland entertainment either. Be prepared by checking out my review of SGTTZA.

8) Chappie

Chappie lonely robot

Now this is a film I’d almost forgotten about which is a huge shame considering the talent I thought Blomkamp possessed. It begins okay and there are some enjoyable moments amongst the mess but at the end of the day it is a mess of spare parts, South African rap duos, mullets and forced meanings that leave you wanting the film with plenty of tinkering to create a better robot movie that isn’t scratchily written. Chappie says “click on Chappie name.”

7) Joy


Now I only just viewed and reviewed this film and I wasn’t impressed, I didn’t go in with high expectations granted but I did hope it would surprise me. The only surprise with this film is how uninteresting it seems for a story that could have been uplifting and inspiring. Lawrence only just makes this film watchable. Joyfully nod or grouchily disagree with my review by clicking Joy.

6) Blackhat


This is a film that literally gave me a headache because of how dull it was. I thought Michael Mann would be on form but even his sense of style with film-making seems to falter. The movie is messy, long and lacking in grit or tension. Use cyberspace and internet non-hacking ease by clicking on Blackhat to see the full review.

5) Terminator Genisys


From the outset this film lands in the worst category for that damn spelling. Also the whole big bad technological threat is something we all have anyway. There’s so much messing with the original that it craps on what we loved about it, the dialogue is lame and muddled and the story is frankly awful but I somehow enjoyed parts and that’s why you may be shocked to find it here at only number 5. Find out where my review all began at Terminator Genesis — yes, I will not spell it how they want.

4) Hot Pursuit


Women in film is becoming more powerful as the years tick by but this film almost threatens that ideal and vision of strong funny females by sticking two capable actresses in a dumb, predictable and unfunny cop movie. Just hotly pursue my review for more bad feelings! Hot Pursuit review.

3) Hot Tub Time Machine 2


Another film with hot in the title and another hot mess of a movie. John Cusack seemed to smell the stench of rotting script and didn’t return. Messing with time is the main aim of the plot but it feels crass and cheap lacking any reason other to offend or cater to people who I don’t want to know. HTTM2.

2) Accidental Love


Satire done at its absolute worse, this film is neither a funny prod at politics and health care or an endearing rom-com. It’s in fact a film that should have read the warning signs and never got made, but it did get dug up and I implore you not to fall down the grave hole of seeing this. Accidental (Release)…Love.

And in at the top stinker position is a British film, which saddens me as last year another film from home hit the same heights of being the worst movie, but if you saw or ever see the following flick than blessed heaven help you if you could absolutely honestly say you enjoyed it…



1) Absolutely Anything


This is absolutely anything other than a film worth seeing, the return and possible last reuniting of the great Monty Python gang is just terrible, Simon Pegg is annoying and the script is childish. Just read my review, I have absolutely nothing else to say.

Please let me know if you agree or disagree or pop down some of your worst films of last year, it’d be cool to see what else may hit the fan. 










One thought on “Ten from the Bottom ’15

  1. Considering the talent behind it, it annoys me that Absolutely Anything isn’t a better film. I did love Joy though. Thought that was brilliant.

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