Men in Black: International (2019)


There hasn’t been a ‘Men in Black’ movie since 2012 and now they’ve returned to protect us from the scum of the universe; though will you nod your head that the black suits are comin’ back or is it a film tailor-made for regret?

Hotshot Agent H (Chris Hemsworth) is paired up with newbie Agent M (Tessa Thompson), who managed to get on board with the MIB after many years of research and dedication. Their easy mission to sweet-talk an alien winds up becoming a deadly quest across the planet to prevent shape-shifting creatures called The Hive from causing massive devastation.

Honestly, this is an extremely forgettable flick, one which easily could have been breezy and fun but it is not. You’d think that the person/people in charge of coming up with the idea of casting Thompson and Hemsworth together again, after their sparkling team-up in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’ were onto a winner, but you would be mistaken. The zany edge boldly demonstrated in the most recent Thor outing is not repeated and is sorely missed, in fact however believable their squabbling double act is, it is never sizzling enough to warrant a new entry in the MIB franchise.

The script department is lacking of anything funny, there’s middling titbits of comedy but on the whole it is absent. Not even the few dabs of action can propel this movie to entertaining levels, the music video background of director F. Gary Gray is felt quite a lot, in the sense that it doesn’t feel like a big globe-trotting science fiction action, a lot of the time the gloss is there but it all looks pristine like Hemsworth and co. have stepped into what they think is a perfume commercial on set.

Few laughs aren’t the only thing to expect, you can also rely on a massively predictable, extremely run of the mill plot which does very little to hold court. The change up of bringing a woman on board and seeing the suited squad go international are not enough to inject much interest after the first 15 minutes.

The visuals are so-so, most of the alien tech or the space creatures themselves are cartoonish and fill up the background like a mad zoo and things like the shrimp characters or Frank the pug are shoe-horned in for cheap nostalgia. Picking up on the teeny-weeny positives; the high quality sheen and slick style of the organisation are present, the suits and shades are fresh, some cool car weapon modifications and a short lived bike chase in Marrakesh are all moments which stop the movie being an all out flop.

Summer blockbuster season so far isn’t doing well, they’re running on a trend of being boring, uninspired or cheaply iffy. So, after ‘Dark Phoenix’‘Godzilla: King of the Monsters’ and to some degree, ‘Aladdin’, chalk this latest as yet another inclusion in the 2019 miss list.



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