The Garland Awards


Mamma Mia is she ever a great actress.

A Master of acting with Enchanting beauty.

Don’t be Afraid of this icon of the screen.

A French Rose with a Rising talent in film.

In the Name of all that’s good is this actress.

Gone but never forgotten, a true great.

A Professional, a Star and every films comes with beauty and Heat thanks to her acting skills.

Guess Who this one is, a Queen of the movie game.

Now another Queen of the game with a Dream of Shakespearean ease.

A Girl no longer but a sultry act with a Point to prove she deserves Prestige.

How many of the above riddles can you get the answer to? All actresses from now and the past.

Find out who I included in a non-ordered top ten list of great all time actresses in The Garland Awards to mirror the central star of ‘The Wizard of Oz’ in my moviebrickroad page.


The Garland Awards


The journey along the imaginary yellow brick road of movies and performers continues today with the first 5 of 10 leading ladies to represent Judy Garland as the magical and brilliant Dorothy in ‘The Wizard of Oz’ – the theme of my moviebrickroad page.

Tomorrow I’ll be finishing the unordered list with the last 5 of actresses I believe are the best at their craft from now and the past. Say goodbye to the washed out world of Kansas as Miss Gale has arrived and brings with her the best of the best in terms of female actors. From Taylor to Thompson it’s time for them to shine.

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